Listed below are the condensed specifications on the paint, metal preparation, and finished coating for aluminum gutter coil.

1. The Aluminum used is alloy 3105 H-14 which meets the specifications set forth in the "Aluminum Standards and Data 1988" published by the Aluminum Association. The gauge of the aluminum for the gutter may be .027 or .032 + .002. Other gauges are used when specified.

2. The surface of the aluminum sheet is thoroughly cleaned and dried to remove impurities and coated with Betz Metchem Permatreat 1500/3000 non-cyanide chromate conversion coating.

3. A thermo setting polyester enamel is roller coated and baked at high temperatures for the outside coating. The reverse side of the coil or the wash coat, is also a thermo setting polyester enamel applied to help resist corrosion.

4. The color range used in applying the coating is + .50 units- Hunter Lab Color Meter.

5. The thickness range of the applied finish is .80 mils + .10 mils (.7 - .9).

6. The physical test used on our coated - panels includes:
a. 180? - 2T tape, Scotch brand #610
b. Reverse Impact = 2 lbs/mil. (Positive) tape, Scotch brand #610
c. Pencil hardness = F minimum, Eagle Turquoise brand
d. M.E.K. 100 Double rubs using Cheesecloth (mesh size 28 x 24)